Secure Estate Agent in Sweden

Our History 

Residensportalen AB, corporate id: 556652-6074, was founded in 2003 and is a letting agent of sublets and rentals. We have brokered thousands of sublets and rentals through detailed and professional administration. We deliver an easy to use portal through which it is easy and seamless for landlords to advert their properties and secure for tenants to find properties. We offer a cutting edge IT tool for landlords and tenants to find the best possible match. We broker rentals and sublets in all of Sweden through our headquarters in Stockholm. Regardless of whether you need help in Malmö, Lund, Göteborg, Stockholm or the rest of Sweden, we can be of assistance.

Our Mission & Who We Are

Our mission is to connect the most qualified landlords and tenants with each other and to ensure the best possible rental for both landlord and tenant. Residensportalen offers registered users a range of services to ensure that both landlords and tenants have a smooth and secure rental process. Our motto remains quality not quantity, as the match of tenant and landlord should be a qualitative process. Residensportalen guarantees that both the web platform and our services maintain the confidentiality and flexibility that landlords and tenants require.

We are 100% female owned. We are a paperless office since 2018 and continuously work to decrease our digital footprint even in how we handle digital data. We believe in clear and straight communication with a dash of humor. We would rather do fewer transactions with good humans than volume deals that are not in alignment with our corporate values. 

Your Security

The agents on our staff responsible for the contractual process are registered with Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen and are members of SHRF, the national Rental Agent qualifier. All documents such as contracts follow Swedish rental law as well as Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen's guidelines. We do not believe in taking a pass-through on the rents advertised. The only winner of such a business model is the letting agent or in the case, the relocation company, that sells "tenancy management". The landlord's interests nor the tenant's best interests get served with such a model.  Our fees are transparent and up-front and there are no hidden fees.  We also believe that your DATA is yours to keep. The only data we use is what you give us to make your experience on our website as personalized and relevant as possible. We do not sell your DATA to third parties or use it for any other purpose. 

Our motto has been and remains "Rentals on your terms". 


Sarah T. Foxen grew up in the United States in a Swedish-Norwegian Expat family. She completed her MBA from Stockholm University in 2004 and had planned to return to Washington, DC and continue her career in Non-Profit Management Consulting when she fell in love with the challenging Swedish rental market and the rest is history.

Residensportalen is wholly owned by Ms. Foxen and the company has grown organically, without venture capital,  since its incorporation in 2003.  More about Sarah T. Foxen here