Terms and conditions

Customer support
You can reach our customer service at tel: 08-755 0121 or by e-mail at info@residensportalen.se, weekdays 9.00 - 15.00.

Fees and payment
The customer is obliged to pay the surcharge for the additional service in accordance with the applicable price list or quotation when the offer is accepted. Payment can be made by credit card or by invoice (after approval from the Residensportalen). Residensportalen uses the company Nets EASY (NETS) for internet payment. NETS's payment solutions are PCI certified by Visa and MasterCard and Apple Pay. For security reasons, no sensitive payment information is stored, such as a Card Number. All information entered is encrypted instead on the payment pages of NETS, which are secured with SSL Certificates. If the license is obtained through a company or other issuer, the company or the supplier is regarded as a customer and regulates fees against the Residensportalen as agreed.

Depending on the nature and performance of the service, it is delivered either immediately and automatically via the Internet or by agreement between the customer and the Residensportalenl. When the service begins immediately there is no right of withdrawal/cancellation.

Processing of personal data
The information you provide is treated confidentially. When you register as a user, the information you provide will be transferred to our customer register. Your address information is only used when communicating from Residensportalen, which is related to the services we perform and will only be forwarded to third parties after your approval or within the scope of our services.
The personal information you write as a user when registering is used only for the administration of the services and for you as a user to have access to your data. After making a purchase we are obligated to retain your personal information as relevant to the laws we are governed by both accounting wise and as estate agents. 

By accepting these terms, you as a user agree to this processing of personal data (according to GDPR).