Checklist of landlord's responsibilities before hand over of a rental in Sweden

Move-in when renting

Move-in when renting

Move-out cleaning; inventory list; inspection of property and written rules/care for the property are critical when handing over your home!


There is a lot to consider when subletting one's home. Many logistical details need to be in place and correct preparation is key. What should one think of? How accommodating should one be? How should the turn over be handled? Our basic principle is: the turn over is the beginning of an important relationship, the one between landlord and tenant. Make sure you get off on the right foot. First impressions do set the tone and make quite a difference. 

 5 critical things to think of when subletting your home in Sweden:

  1. Have you hired professional cleaners? 

If your home is not properly cleaned, you risk the tenant not approving the the cleaning. It also sets the tone for how you wish your home to be taken care of. Last minute cleanings also get quite expensive. It is also our experience that the last days before hand over often get more hectic than one thinks, treat yourself to that peace of mind!

  1. Have you compiled a proper inventory list?

Is it in a language that the tenant grasps? Supplement with photos as well. Remember, if you do not have an inventory list that is signed and dated by both parties, you cannot make any claims on loss or damage of inventory. 

  1. Have you prepared a proper inspection or ordered one from a rental agent?

The burden of proof is always on you as a landlord. Hence, if you do not have an inspection and/or an inventory list signed and dated by both parties, no claims can be made. 

  1. Have you prepared written instructions for your home, listed emergency contacts and compiled user manuals for all appliances?

Most damages arise due to poor communication. The tenant simply did not know how to properly care for the property. The most common list of such damages are to heating boiler, hardwood floors and countertops in kitchen. If you do not provide written instructions and damage occurs due to misuse, you risk not getting compensation for damages since it becomes a matter of "he said, she said".

  1. Is the garden ready and if it is winter have you shoveled snow?

Many turn overs occur during the winter quarter and it is easy to forget to be prepared for the unexpected snow fall. Have a plan for the day of your hand over, enlist someone if you are not in the country to do the snow removal if need be. It is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that a path is cleared for the movers to move in the tenant's belongings.