Create property ad


It will take about 60 seconds for you to create the market's best looking advertisement for your Swedish sublet. As soon as you save your ad we will match it to our subscribers whom represent large corporations such as Spotify, Ericsson, Electrolux, Klarna, Johnson & Johnson and many more. 

-List your property without cost using our listing tool.
-Find a corporate tenant without any hidden fees.
-All rents go directly to you and not through a middle-man.
-Rental agents are available if you need assistance with lease et al. 

Tips for creating a great ad:

-Add pictures, a picture speaks a thousand words and people are more visual than ever. You don't need professional pictures, pictures from your phone are sufficient. To get the best pictures, take them around noon when the light is optimal. Stand in the corner of the room, elevate your phone and slant it down. 
-If you have a floor plan, add that. You may have the listing from when you bought your home. Snap a picture of it from the listing ad.
-Write a description and think like Google. Include words in your description that one would use when searching for properties. 
-Always put your move-in date at least 1-2 weeks in the future, otherwise many pass it by and thinks it has been rented. If your property is ready for immediate move in, it is better to note that in your descriptive text. 

And lastly, don't aim for perfection. The most important thing is to get the property listed so that the match process can commence. You can add pictures, floor plans etc when you have more time. Your listing is a work in progress and you can make changes whenever and as much as you want to.