Furnished rentals in Sweden. What's Included?

Definition of what it entails to rent or sublet your home furnished.

The rule of thumb is that your tenant should be able move in to your home with a suitcase and their clothes on their back and comfortably live there for year. Hence all conveniences that you enjoy should be available. The list below is a suggested minimum requirement, but also keep in mind that it will vary depending on how may people there are in your tenant's family.


Curtains and/or blinds in every window
Ceiling and floor lamps in every room
2 sets of bed linen for each bed
2 pillows for every bed
1 duvet per bed
1 matress cover per bed
4 bath towels per person
2 hand towels per person
4 kitchen towels
Vacuum cleaner
Ironing board
Bucket and mop

Kitchen depending on the family's size):

Dining table
2 - 6  chairs dependent on the size of the home
Garbage can
6 knives
6 forks
6 table spoons.
6 teaspoons
6 cups
6 plates
6 glasses
2 pots
1 frying pans
1 spatula
1 cooking spoon
1 whip
1 collander
Bowls for food preparation
Coffee maker
Tin opener
Cork screw


1 sofa
1 coffeetable
1 TV + cabinet or stand

Bedroom (per bedroom):

1 complete bed >140 cm wide (children's rooms are ok with smaller)
1 night stand/table
1 dresser/chest of drawers if there are no shelves or drawers in the closets.


Waste basket
Toilet brush
Shower curtain if applicable

Keep in mind, that if nothing else has been agreed upon, the apartment will have to be cleared of all of your personal belongings, e.g. decoratives, books, cds, dvds, etc. All closets and storage spaces will have to be emptied. Do not leave things as for example old electronics, clothing, shoes, bags, etc.

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