How to Show your Rental Digitally

The pandemic changed the rental industry as we knew it and digital showings became very popular. The trend is here to stay. We built this letting tool during the financial crisis of 2008 with the goal of landlords being able to rent their homes to tenants  unable to fly in for home searches. Here are some tips on how to show your home digitally:

Clean and Prep

Messes show up even when showing digitally so tidy up and hide your family in the largest closet that you have to make the place look big. Jokes aside, your family that may be working or studying at home may be the ideal tools to show perspective of space. Have your 12-year old stand under the loft bed to demonstrate ceiling height. If you live in a house, pull out your deck furniture to show how great and large your terrace is during summer. Other good cleaning tips: 

  • Clean your home and make it presentable before taking your photos. Clear as much clutter as possible. Less is more. 
  • Close toilet seats!
  • Open all curtains, clear shower curtains, etc. 


Meet & Greet

Take the time to chat with your potential tenant before jumping into the showing. Figure out if you feel that this would be a good match for you as well as ask what they are looking for in a rental. If they signal that cooking is very important to them, then spend more time showing the kitchen for example. 


There is nothing worse than getting sea sick from a Facetime showing because the landlord is holding the phone in their hand and twirling around. There are great and relatively inexpensive tools on the market. Both Kjell & Co and Claes Ohlsson has Gimbles and Gyros under SEK 1.000. Even that selfie stick in the drawer will give a better presentation. 


Look at professional rental videos for inspiration. Even though these have been edited and prepared, it gives you a good sense of what to feature and how to do sweeping shots of a space. Here is our You Tube Channels with inspiration from earlier videos that we have made for our Premium customers. 


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