How to show your rental home, tried and true words of advice

We have rented out properties since 2003 and have showed thousands of rentals. As a result, we have a lot of experience and good case studies of landlord's that have marketed their listing correctly and those that have completely sunk their own efforts. 6 things to think about: 

Give a correct description of your home and its surroundings. Don't exaggerate and do not make ASSUMPTIONS about what the tenant may be looking for. The most common mistake we have seen is when a landlord thinks the bigest selling point of the house for them is the same for those coming to the showing. For example, you may think the pool that you saved for and installed is the best and first thing to mention. However, many moving to Sweden think it is too cold for a pool or that it may be a safety issue for their young children. Assess your potential tenant, listen before speaking and you will be more successful in marketing your home. 

Be prepared, provide as much information about the neighborhood as possible. Put together a PDF with information about grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, recycling, schools etc that may be of interest for your potential tenant. They may see 7-10 properties in one day, this is a way to stick out and be remembered. 

Photos in the ad
We are becoming more and more visual. Many tenants may also do images searches on Google. Photos will also save you time. If a tenant is looking for a modern home and your home is pre-war, then it is better to sort that out early. Most tenants do not contact landlords that do not have photos in their ads. You can add as many pictures as you want. Those of most interest are: kitchen, bathrooms, terrace, balcony, garden, living areas and lastly bedrooms. Things to think about when taking your photos:

  • Clean your home and make it presentable before taking your photos. Clear as much clutter as possible. Less is more. 
  • Close toilet seats!
  • Open all curtains, clear shower curtains, etc. 
  • If possible, take your pictures on a light day around lunchtime. 
  • If you can, use a wide angle lens. 

The more restrictions you put in place, the smaller your market will be of tenants. Smaller apartments generally are rented furnished, so if you own a studio either rent it furnished or set flexible in your ad so that you do not close yourself to possibilities. Be flexible with your start and end date, most companies rent from the beginning of the month so if you only will rent from November 11th for 64 days, the market may be quite narrow. 

As soon as you decide you want to rent your apartment, list it so that you do not lose any time to find the ideal tenant. The best time to get started Corporate tenants fly in for the day, look at properties, pick a rental and then fly home. If you are not in the mix, they cannot choose your home. The rental market in Sweden is fast and furious. Do not wait to paint the room or buy that couch, the time is now.  The same goes for showings, be flexible. Most corporate tenants have a set schedule so if they cannot see your home, they will another one to see.  

Be honest with yourself and your potential tenants. If a tenant moves in and feels duped, they may not take great care of your home. You will also find the best match when honest about your circumstances and your home. Honesty does always win in the end.