Rental inspections in Sweden

Rental inspections in Sweden

Inspections when subletting in Sweden


How vital is it do do an inspection before the tenant moving in? It is critical. It is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that there is an inspection and it is also in your interest to do one. If there isn't an inspection done, it is almost impossible for you to get damages if it becomes a case since the burden of proof is on you. 

The inspection must be detailed and in written form. Photos alone is not is sufficient as they can easily be manipulated in programs such as Photoshop.  Of course, photos are a nice complement but the written part is the most important. 

We have done inspections since 2003 and it is part of our DNA. We know what to document and how to document correctly, it is a bit of an art form. We would love to assist if your rental is in the Stockholm metro area. 

Finally, in order for the inspection to be legally binding, it must be signed by both parties. The inspection should be done at the latest 1 day prior to your move-in and AFTER the cleaners are done.