Rental Prices & Trends for corporate housing in Stockholm

We have aggregated rental levels for all closed contracts under 2018-19 in order to present recent data for corporate rental levels in Stockholm. Under 2019, we have kept an eye on these rental statistics and have seen prices be close to the levels we saw 2012-13. There are several factors that impact corporate housing budgets within large corporations relocating employees to Sweden. For the past few years we have seen the trend of shifting from cushy expat packages to a more lean and mean approach when structuring corporate mobility policies. As a result, the relocated expatriate is quite budget conscious and does look more at the bottom line than before. Housing sales also does effect the rental market in Sweden quite a bit. When the sales market is strong, we often see a diminished supply of rentals on the market as owners want to time their home sale to a flourishing market. However, when the sales market has a downturn we see the opposite happen-our market gets flooded with properties and supply increases significantly. 

For apartments in Stockholm, we see the following averages:

1-bedrooms (furnished): 15.874 kr/month

2-bedrooms (furnished): 21.084 kr/month

3 bedrooms (unfurnished): 26.037 kr/month

4+-bedrooms: 30.023 kr/month

 We saw slightly higher median rental levels for closed contracts between private individuals and landlords. We believe this phenomenon is due to the popularity of corporate tenants on the market. Hence, they have more bargaining power. However, there is a trend of companies not signing leases for their employees which have increased the number of private rentals.