Should I Rent My Home to a Company or to a Private Individual?

Is the law the same if I rent to company vs. an individual?

There is a common misconception that the rental law in Sweden varies depending on if you rent to a legal entity or an individual. It actually does not despite that one would think that makes sense. The law varies based on your legal classification and not the tenant's.

Privatperson eller företag?

Privatperson eller företag?

But isn't it safer to rent to rent to a company?

In some cases, absolutely, but it really boils down to non-legal values when looking at it. When a company relocates employees en masse and are knowledgeable in doing so, then they are the best tenant one can find. The most common profile of tenants that will contact you on Residensportalen are large, publicly traded, companies that we have brokered to since our start in 2003. These long relationships with HR-departments and relocation partners that we have cultivated over many years will surely trickle down to you as a landlord which adds a layer of security. 

So, that being said...why should I consider a non-corporate tenant?

The Swedish rental market is a bit of a unicorn and does not fit the mold when companies put together their global expat mobility policies. Therefore, many companies decide on a global level to support their employees in their relocation but not sign leases on their behalf. We have noticed an increase of companies not signing lease in the past 5-7 years. However, these employees do receive a lot of support in their home finding and make excellent tenants. These type of tenants are becoming more common and we have many of them looking at our properties. At the end of the day, regardless if you market your home to "only companies" or "all", the final decision of whom you rent to is always yours. However, if you only market to companies then this qualified niche tenant cannot contact you.