We get the question every day: "What are the key components of a secure sublet?" There are three critical parts to get right in order to protect yourself as much as the law allows in Sweden when subletting your home: 

1.The Lease 

If the lease does now adhere to Swedish rental law or have other inaccuracies, the burden is on you as a landlord legally. Essentially, if you contravene the law, your case weakens. The rental law was changed in 2013 and since then has become much more complex, it is not advised to try to write one without expertise. More information about leases here.

2. Instructions

Written instructions are critical to prepare and to also have signed by the tenant on move-in day. Otherwise, if damage occurs due to misuse, the result is "he said, she said" and again the burden of proof is on you as a landlord. If you have instructed your tenant in written form and have a signed document, it becomes much more easy to prove that the damage occurred to negligence.  We have templates available under Plus Services in your profile to buy in order to get the important things in and to save you time.

3. The Inspection

Without a written and signed inspection protocol you may not get compensation for damages. It is your responsibility and in your interest to ensure that this key component is done correctly. Otherwise, it is nearly impossible to get damages if it becomes as case. The inspection, coupled with the lease and rental law, will be your burden of proof if you end up in a dispute with your tenant. Read more about how to do inspections of property in Sweden.

What do I need to think of when subletting my Swedish property?

Rental tips in Sweden

Rental tips in Sweden