Who Pays for the TV-License When Subletting?


Per January 1, 2019 the TV-license fee is automatically deducted from your taxes. The fee will we deducted from anyone registered in Sweden that is paying taxes from the age of 18. To read more about the new law, Skatteverket's homepage is an excellent source. 

When subletting your home in Sweden it can be tempting to include the TV-license in the rental price. Easier and smoother for everyone included right? Well, unfortunately not. Radiotjänst, the state controlled entity actually considers the TV-License to be a personal fee, connected to the person watching and not the equipment. Therefore, when you move out of your home you will need to contact Radiotjänst and deregister and your tenant needs to register. This is the case regardless of whom owns the TV, receiver, satellite etc in the home. 

If you include the TV-license in your rental agreement and Radiotjänst makes a claim on your tenant to pay, even if you have paid the fee all along, you run the risk of being liable to pay for you and your tenant.  We recommend going by the book on this one! To read more: