Who Can Sign a Lease for Corporate Housing in Sweden?

There is a lot of confusion on the market regarding whom at the company can sign a lease when the company leases a property on an employee's behalf. So, who has the legal right to sign your lease if your company is the contractual party?

a. The HR Director?

b. The employee?

c. Legally assigned signer at the company? (firmatecknare)

d. Another employee at the company with Power of Attorney from a legally assigned signer at the company. 

Correct answer: C or D. 

Despite many companies contracting relocation companies or consultants to assist them, we see about 70% of the leases that we get signed in return signed by the wrong person and hence is not legally binding.  Many times we hear " But so and so has been signing leases for years so that is not a big deal". Very few actually check this and it is a crucial component in a lease process. 

So, what happens if the lease is not signed by the right person at the company? You have a non-binding agreement. It is equal to your neighbor signing the lease for your house without you giving them a POA. If you need more assistance with a Swedish rental lease, please contact us, we would be happy to help! Send a mail to info@residensportalen.se or call us on +4687550121.