How To Make Your Life Easier Once You Have Moved to Stockholm

Moving to Stockholm, like doing a corporate relocation or personal move, can be stressful and taxing. Fret not, there are services in Stockholm that can make your life a lot easier once you arrive. “Själv är bästa dräng” was a popular saying in Sweden which translates to that it is best being self sufficient. The Swedes attitude toward contracting services has truly changed and new companies that are geared to making your life easier are exploding in numbers. We have compiled a list of resources that make living in Stockholm much easier so that when you arrive you can focus on the important stuff like the new exciting job, getting kids started in schools and figuring out why everyone on your new team wants to reach consensus on all decisions (that is a whole article in itself). For the record, we have a strict corporate policy of never taking kick-backs or referrals from third party service providers. This list is a compilation of providers we have tried ourselves or heard were good. We do not get a provision for referring them, it is strictly a "here you go, have a smooth arrival" recommendation!

Take-away Delivery:

We are getting new tasty options added every day. Here are some choices in companies that deliver restaurant food to your door in Stockholm.  


Like Uber but for food. Offers a wide selection of takeaway food options in Stockholm. Uber eats is constantly adding new delivery locations and now you can even order takeaway food in some parts of Solna. 


Similarly to UberEats, Foodora offers a great selection of takeaway food in Stockholm. They are constantly adding new restaurants and locations so keep an eye on the app if they don’t yet deliver to you.


Godsmak is a great option for you living outside of Stockholm city center as they offer takeaway food in for example Sundbyberg and Solna.


Wolt also offers options outside of the city center, for example Lidingö .

Weekly Food Subscriptions:

If ordering takeaway food is not your thing then there are a number of companies in Stockholm that offer food subscription boxes that help you to cook quick and healthy meals at home yourself. They send the recipes and ingredients, you cook the food!


Årstiderna is perfect for you with a bit more special diet. Among their offering you can find gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian food subscription boxes in Stockholm.


Linas matkasse is one of the oldest and most popular ones on Swedish market. They have great options for families with child-friendly recipes but also for a real foodie.


Similarly to Årstiderna, Svarta lådan offers a wide variety of food subscription boxes to fit every taste out there. We recommend taking a look at their seafood box that sounds so tasty!


To save time, Matkomfort chefs prepare all the time-consuming parts like sauces, soups and stocks leaving you with assembling the other parts of the recipes with little to no effort.   

Grocery Delivery Services:

Do you love cooking but don’t love going to the grocery store with two screaming children on your arm?  Life has become so much easier by ordering groceries directly to our door.

Our favorite grocery stores and companies delivering groceries:


Being environmentally conscious has never been more important and that’s why we love Matsmart. They sell products from overproduction, short best-before dates, seasonal products and products that have gone through package changes. Saves money and the environment!


It can be hard to get used to buying your alcohol from one store with certain opening hours and therefore it is a great idea to order it to your door instead!

Cleaning Companies:

There are people who love a good Marie Kondo type of cleaning and organizing and there are those who don’t. If you are one of the latter ones then take a look at these companies who can help you with cleaning service in Stockholm:


Laundry Services:

Did you miss your laundry time again? Don’t worry and check out these laundry services in Stockholm:


They pick up, wash and deliver back your laundry often within 24 hours. Great laundry service for a busy professional living in Stockholm.



We haven’t forgotten you that have four-legged friends. Dogbuddy is a great app for finding a lovely dog-sitter in Stockholm.


There are several online pharmacies in Sweden. We recommend Apotea as they have a number of delivery options in Stockholm ranging from just couple of hours to a day or two.





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