Lease for sublets

We have written thousands of lease contracts since 2003 and we are registered rental and sublet brokers. You can feel secure that our contracts follow the law and protect both tenant and landlord. Our contracts also spell out the responsibilities of both parties. All leases are customized and finished within 48 hours of receiving your information. (we do not like to brag but our average turn around for leases in 2021 was actually 4 hours). 

What is included in the lease service?
1. Bespoke lease based on your situation.
2. Complimentary upgrade to Plus property if you buy the lease prior to finding a tenant as well as a note in your ad that you have bought the service. 
3. A credit check on your tenant, if your tenant is a private individual that is registered in Sweden. 
4. A complimentary ad on Bovision. 
5. E-signature authentication via Swedish Bank ID, Norwegian Bank ID, Danish Bank ID, Finnish Bank ID or E-mail depending on your preference. All IP addresses are tracked and logged for additional security. 

Price: SEK 2.495 inclusive of VAT