Our Landlord Services

Residensportalen has extensive experience helping landlords find suitable tenants and to have a safe and professional rental or a sublet. We warmly recommend our Plus Services to make your sublet in Sweden be optimized and as safe as possible. We have been brokering sublets and rentals in Sweden since 2003 and pride ourselves on being up to date on the rental law and its nuances. We are registered rental agents, authorized to write leases on all types of residential properties. 


Residensportalen will write the lease based on the rental law and the special conditions of your sublet (conditions vary and the rental law varies based on those variances). The contracts are always written by a registered rental agent and follow Swedish rental law. This service can be purchased and used even if you do not find your tenant via Residensportalen. The lease has a Swedish and English section in order to facilitate for non-Swedish speakers. The lease contract will be sent using a special software to collect signatures electronically (should you wish), increasing the security and ease of the lease process. What is included in the lease service?
1. Bespoke lease based on your situation.
2. Complimentary upgrade to Plus property if you buy the lease prior to finding a tenant as well as a note in your ad that you have bought the service. 
3. A credit check on your tenant, if your tenant is a private individual that is registered in Sweden.  
4. E-signature authentication via Swedish Bank ID, Norwegian Bank ID, Danish Bank ID, Finnish Bank ID or E-mail depending on your preference. All IP addresses are tracked and logged for additional security. 

Price: SEK 2.995 inc VAT

Credit Check on Tenant (UC)

Do you want to run a credit check on your prospective tenant? Want to know if they have any late payments registered? The service includes 1 credit check and the person must be registered in Sweden and give us their permission for us to run the report. Keep in mind that that the information will be very sparse if the person recently moved to Sweden. 

This service is included in the Lease Service so if you buy the lease service, then 1 UC is included. 

Price: SEK 595 

Upgrade to Plus Property

When tenants search for properties, search results rank by status level. When your home is upgraded to Plus Property, your ad will appear higher up in the search results and increases the visibility of your property.  Your property will also be prioritized by large companies seeking housing for their employees because they most exclusively look at Plus and Premium Properties. You ad will also be included in our VIP marketing to the large cap companies in our network. 

Price: SEK 495 inc VAT

Rental/Market Consultation

Would you like more advice about your property and how it places in the market? We offer a 30-minute Zoom consultation where we give you tailored advice based on your property and situation. 

Price: SEK 945 inc vat

Instruction Templates

Preparing instructions can be just as important as the actual lease agreement. This word template, you can modify and add to suit your property but includes the important instructions and regulations for your property.  The tenant should sign this document on the move in date. Without accurate written instructions so it is difficult to obtain compensation for damages. As a bonus, you will also get a template for lists of subscriptions/vendors that is important to relay to your tenant. You will also get a template to give to the cleaning company in Swedish to make sure they do not miss anything in what is considered a "move" cleaning. 

Price: SEK 375 inc VAT

Inspection Service & Move-In

We will inspect floors, walls and fixed installations such as kitchen cabinets, appliances etc and note current condition.  The inspection document will serve as a guide to determine wear and tear after the tenant moves out in order to avoid discussion and debates regarding the wear and tear of the tenancy.  This service is only available in Stockholm at this time.  We will do this on site at your home, prepare the document at our office and then send it to you electronically in PDF format with instructions on how to properly get signatures on move-in day. The service does not include documentation of inventory. Handling the move-in can also be given a price for separately. 

Price is determined by size, condition and location of the property.