Premium Service-Our VIP Package

More about the Premium Service...

How do you decide if a home qualifies as a Premium Property?

It depends on many factors such as location, our workload and the type of housing you have. Unfortunately we do not offer premium services outside the Stockholm area. We also have many loyal customers that have been our Premium client for years and they are first in cue. Our workload at your registration will matter because the service and time spent on a Premium Properties are extensive in order to deliver the service we are known for. Premium Properties must also meet certain criteria in order for us to be able to give your property our Premium stamp. This means that you have a home that qualifies for the Premium service. Once the Premium journey begins the first step is to meet our team on Zoom to get to know your contact person personally before meeting in person. Our CEO whom has been working with rentals since 2004 will sit on on all the onboarding Zooms to get to know you and to also answer the most complex questions that you may have. It is important for us that all of our team gets to know your home to best market it to potential tenants. 

What are the benefits of getting the Premium Property Service?

  1. Your residence will now appear at the top of all search listings and discussed daily with the large companies, international agents and relocation companies in Sweden. We are in regular contact with them regarding our Premium Properties.
  2. We will film your property, if you wish and if the property will be better marketed with a video, with our video technology showcasing your property for those expatriates coming to Sweden that are choosing their property from abroad.
  3. We coordinate the showings for our Premium Properties, write and negotiate the lease contract.
  4. We will manage the inspection before move-in and also handle the turn-over when you tenant moves in.  If you are not present at the move-in, it is no problem, we handle that as your agent. After the move-in you will get the inspection report signed from us so that you have proper documentation when you go through the property with your tenant when they move out. 
  5. Premium Properties also have access to our expertise throughout the lease period. The Letter of Engagement that you received in your welcome must be scanned back and the start-up fee paid before the first showing of your home The cost of the Premium service is a non-refundable start-up fee of SEK 5.000 when we start to market your property and the remainder of the fee (1 month's rent) is payable at move-in for apartments and SEK 5.000 + 1.5 month's rent for houses. The start-up fee includes a video of your home and a registered agent writing your contract even if you find a tenant elsewhere.