We do not pad rents or levy hidden fees. Rentals on your terms.

We have assisted landlords rent their homes since 2003. We have a good site and tool but we are not a team of IT savvy people whom have thrown together a site in order to rent properties. However, we do possess long and deep experience of the Swedish rental market. We have encountered both usual and unusual situations during our many years or renting property which translates in lots of knowledge for you as a landlord. We have long-standing relationships with the best relocation companies and corporations moving people to Sweden. As a landlord with us, these loyalties extend to you. At the end of the day, the best matches have several components: a good IT tool, long and loyal relationships and deep experience. 


Our belief is that is there no winner in the game of "tenancy management". Tenancy management is when the estate agent rents a property, rents it on to the tenant and takes a cut of the rent. We do not believe that the cut that is lost to the estate agent translates in actual value for the landlord and certainly not for the tenant. Many tenants, once they discover how much extra rent they end up paying, give early notice and find alternative solutions. The only winner that we see in this is the estate agent. Hence, our model is built on transparent services that are optional. You may rent your property, without cost, with us and purchase Plus services if you feel that you want and need them. More about Plus Services

You choose the tenant. Yes, you get access to the many excellent corporate tenants and private individuals that we have to offer but the choice is ultimately always yours!