Letting Agency Services for Corporate & Private Rentals

Residensportalen offers corporations and private individuals a cutting edge search service to find homes. Our business model is based on providing the best solutions and the most up to date list of properties in Sweden. The pricing reflects a model that suits all sizes of companies & private individuals without rent padding.  Services can be purchased a la carte based on what best suits your needs.

Search Service
At Residensportalen you will create a profile where you have an overview of your search for a rental unit or house.    In order to book a viewing and/or get e-mail alerts before non-paying members when matching properties are registered, a search service  needs to be purchased.  After payment all tools within the portal will be available such as booking property viewings through chat, getting preferential e-mail alerts, etc. This administration fee will give you limitless use of the system for 60 days per employee or person.   Price: SEK 5,200 + VAT per search profile for companies and SEK 1.495 inclusive of VAT for private searchers

Rental Search Consultation

Do you need guidance about finding a rental in Sweden? Would you like us to go through your specific search for a  home and give you strategic advice? The service includes a Zoom consultation which we record and you can keep. You have 30 minutes to ask anything you want. We will help you make the most of your search and identify the best strategy for your search.  We will share all of our best kept secrets!

 Price: SEK 995 inc VAT

Lease Contract
We have written thousands of lease contracts since 2003 and we are registered rental and sublet brokers. You can feel secure that our contracts follow the law and protect you as a tenant. Our contracts spell out the responsibilities of both parties and ownership of the property is controlled. All leases are customized.

This service can be purchased and used even if you do not find your landlord via Residensportalen. The lease has a Swedish and English section in order to facilitate for non-Swedish speakers. The lease contract will be sent using a special software to collect signatures electronically (should you wish), increasing the security and ease of the lease process. What is included in the lease service?
1. Bespoke lease based on your situation.
2. Control of ownership of the property.
3. Ability to sign with Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Danish Bank-ID or with SMS pin if any party does not have a Bank-ID.

Price: SEK 2.396 plus VAT, 2.995 inc VAT

Inspection of the property
In order for the rental to go smoothly, it is crucial that the landlord prepares both informational as well as inventory documents for their home. We recommend that the tenant and landlord go through a thorough walk-through documentation that looks at floors, walls and ceilings. If this is done correctly and in a detailed manner, the risk for discussions regarding wear and tear at the end of the rental is reduced. Inventory lists can very detailed or only list some of the inventory. We prepare the document come on site to do the inspection. This service is only available in Stockholm and will be priced depending on the property.* 

*Cannot be ordered for Residensportalen's Premium property as the landlord is already paying for this service. 

Legal Services

Do you need assistance with a case that has occurred outside of Residensportalen Rentals? Perhaps a condo board is denying you to sublet, a poorly written lease or a landlord is not fulfilling their legal responsibility? Residensportalen can assist you with questions/cases in regard to both landlords and tenants. 30 minutes is included in the price. 

Price: SEK 1.500

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How to Video Manual to Find a Swedish Rental!

How to Video Manual to Find a Swedish Rental!

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