Finding a Rental with Residensportalen

Who pays for what?

Residensportalen offers corporations and private individuals a cutting edge tool to find housing in Sweden. We have the best selection of rentals. Our business model is based on providing the best properties in Sweden for those that do not need other relocation services. Hence, you only pay for what you need. There is no rent padding to fund our business model. The rental levels that you see on our page are set by the owner and the rent in its entirety goes to the owner. You as a tenant only pay the administrative fee ”Search Service” to contact owners. If you do not wish to buy additional services beyond the ”Search Service”, then this is the only fee you pay. No hidden fees or surprises.

How can I get access to your properties?

At Residensportalen you will create a profile where you have an overview of your search for a rental unit or house. Without being registered you will see our properties and can register a free e-mail alert for your search. However, after logging in, the search becomes more qualitative as you now see only properties that match your profile (corporate or private searcher). In order to book a viewing and/or get e-mail alerts before non-paying members when suitable properties are registered a search profile administration fee needs to be purchased.  After payment all tools within the portal will be available such as chatting with owners and getting e-mail alerts before non-paying members.  This administration fee will give you limitless use of the system and bookings of showings for 60 days of all properties that you match.

What additional services can we buy?

Lease Contract
We have experience of writing lease contracts and we are registered rental and sublet brokers, since 2003. You can feel secure that our lease contracts follow Swedish rental law and protect both tenant and landlord. Our contracts also spell out the responsibilities of both parties. 

Inspection of the property

In order for the rental to go smoothly, it is crucial that the landlord prepares both informational as well as inventory documents for their home. We recommend that the tenant and landlord go through a thorough walk-through documentation that looks at floors, walls and ceilings. If this is done correctly and in a detailed manner, the risk for discussions regarding wear and tear at the end of the rental is reduced. We prepare the document come on site to do the inspection. This service is only available in Stockholm and will be priced depending on the property.

Do you only rent to companies?

No, we rent to both corporations and to private individuals. However, you will have a better selection if you can get your employee to sign the lease as we have more landlords willing to rent to corporations vs. private individuals. Even if your employer signs the lease, you can still make the rental payments yourself. Here is a great video about a corporate search service vs. a private one if you have the option to pursue both. 

Will an agent from Residensportalen accompany our employees to the viewings of properties?

A representative from Residensportalen will attend the viewings of Premium properties only. For Plus and Basic properties, the owner has chosen to conduct their showings themselves.

What is the difference between Premium, Plus and Basic Properties?

Premium properties are those chosen by Residensportalen as our top properties and those whose owners have contracted us to coordinate showings, show the properties, write the rental contract, prepare the move-in inspection and handle the move-in.  Plus properties are those whose owners have purchased a service such as a rental contract or higher ranking.  Basic properties are those properties whose owners have not purchased any services. 

I only have one property as a match in my search results. Do I really have to pay the full fee?

If you only get one property in your search results, you probably made your search too narrow and detailed. Try to broaden your search criteria and make it less specific. For instance, most apartments in Sweden can only be sublet one year at a time due to co-op restraints.  Most can be prolonged, but for best results: do not put an end date in your search.   Your search is also active for 60 days so as soon as a new property is registered you will receive an e-mail with information that there is a new match available for you before non-paying members. 

If I fail to see any property by you despite several attempts, do I still have to pay?

The fee you pay is for access to the database for 60 days, seldom have we seen someone not succeed that have used the tool appropriately and that have had realistic expectations of the market. We clear out inactive properties continuously from the database so the results you see are updated daily. 

Do you add charges/fees to the rents once we choose a property?

No, the rental levels are set by the owners of the properties and we do not inflate rental levels in order get paid for our services. Our fees are transparent and you only pay for the services you find of value. Those agents that add fees to the rental levels inflate the costs for you up to SEK 100.000 per year. When you work with Residensportalen, the fees are transparent and you simply pay for what you need. To read more about Plus Services

Shall I call you or do everything on the website?

The most effective and quickest is for you to get started on the web. Since we are often out showing properties, our office time is limited so there may be a delay in our response to you. Therefore, it will be to your advantage to get started here on the web in order to not lose time. Our market is a fast moving one, so to contact a property of interest ASAP is the best for you. Of course, you are welcome to call us if you need assistance or clarity. The only properties we have more information regarding are the Premium properties, the Basic and Plus ones, you contact directly after buying a ”Search Service”. We recommend starting with a chat in the tool and also following up with a phone call.

Do you have a queue system?

No, we are kind of allergic to that type of system. Early bird gets the worm and nothing or noone should stand in the way for you in your search. Naturally, the owner always has the right to choose the tenant of their choice but there is not a queue system to add to that.

Will my ”Search Service” that I bought automatically renew?

No, we are allergic to that as well. You pay for a service that lasts 60 days, it will not renew automatically so there is nothing to keep track of. We also do not sell your information to any third parties.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Apple Pay, Visa,Swish, Paypal and Master Card payments.